Rare Photos Of Young Baby Born With Long Tail Like A Monkey Stirs The Internet


Silas Joy, M.D., a Ghanaian medical doctor with the Twitter handle @officialsilasMD, has shared an intriguing photo of a baby born at a hospital with what is technically known as a vestigial tail.

As seen in the photos, the long, winding animal-like structure was attached to the backside of the baby’s torso.

In his caption, Dr. Silas Joy explains:

A Baby born with Vestigial Tail. It’s a birth defect in which the tailbone fails to regress during the development process of the embryo. It’s rare but real.

Social media reactions.

@djblinkzgh asked:

Is this normal? Can scientist tell the cause of this? Even if they can, how true will that be?

@Official_Quofi replied:

It’s not normal that’s why he indicated it’s rare if you read. So is it 666?

@ruthnyz replying to @officialsilasMD also asked:

Wow. When surgery is performed will it have an effect on him as he grows?

@AjoaRealest also responded:

After surgery I’m sure there’s no harm in the growth of the child but then talking of the baby’s system does it connect to anything? Eg.Bone or vein

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