“My mother has been sleeping with me since I was 14 years old because she says I look like my dead father”- Legon male student reveals


A University of Ghana student who wishes to remain anonymous admits to sleeping with his mother. He claims that he began having sex with his mother when he was 14 years old.
As a result, he claims, his mother refused to let him attend boarding school.

The young man claims he has daily intercourse with his mother in bed to satisfy her, which is harming his academic performance.

Rather than discontinuing the relationship, his mother found him a new teacher. The young man claims that he is unable to date because he sleeps with his mother.

The mother claims she can’t love anyone since he’s like his father, who died a year after he was born.

Read the confession below.

Good evening sir, please post for me anonymously. I’m a 20years old young man in the University of Ghana. I grew with my mom, I’ve no idea who my Dad is. Mom said he died a year after I was born and she hasn’t been able to love anyone till date.

She also said I remind her of my Dad. My mom is currently 42 years old.Sir, my mom used to force me to have sex with her when I was 14years old. She didn’t let me go to a boarding school because of that. At a point, I started enjoying it too.

We had sex almost every night. It started affecting me academically because I used to have very little sleep at night. I complained at a point but when I did, she got me a classes teacher instead of making us stop.

It’s been more than 7years since we started having sex. I am currently on campus but I go home almost every day because her. I haven’t really been able to get myself a girlfriend because it feels like I love my mom more.

I’ve tried but I always give up on the lady and get back to mom. I’ve read things on people having relationship with their parents and it makes me feel terrible but I can’t stop wanting mom. Nobody really understands me.

I haven’t spoken to anyone about my affair with mom but I feel I can quit things with her when I get someone to talk to about it. I wish to have nice relationships like my friends but, I end up not giving the lady any attention or affection. I need help, I don’t want to end up like the people in the stories I’ve read. Thank you sir.

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