Moment A Female Fan Of Wizkid Couldn’t Comport Herself When She Saw Wizkid One On One. (Video)


We all know Wizkid is a very big superstar that many people wish to see and even touch him but they don’t get because big Wizy is not a public celebrity type and it’s takes a long time to see him outside or even on the street but anytime he goes out he make sure his fans are very happy and he give them whatever they need from him.

To talk about about seeing Wizkid some Celebrities even fine it difficult to see him one on one before talking to him and some lack to see him but they all wish and hope to see him one day cause Wizkid has made it bigger then expected and he is now the biggest musician in Nigeria with the higher level of Worth.

Wizkid went out to chill with friends and on their way returning they met a female fan of Wizkid in the lift that they took and she couldn’t control herself cause that is her first time seeing Wizkid so they took some pictures in the lift.

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