ASAP Rocky Proposed To Rihanna In His New Music By Video With Grills That Says “Marry Me”.


Rihanna and ASPA Rocky has been the most talking Celebrities about for some months now and they are still trending over social media. Their news came around January 2022 but it was not properly confirmed so on first February it was confirmed that Rihanna and ASPA Rocky are dating and Rihanna is pregnant for him and this news shocked everyone including some Celebrities because Rihanna never opened on it to anyone apart from her family and some few close friends around her.

After their happy news came out and they where celebrated for their love and up coming family they are about to bring up, some fake news also came across the line that ASAP Rocky is cheating on our own Queen Rihanna but when the issue was taken to a deep investigation it was discovered that it’s a fake news that was tweets from a certain Twitter user call old fashion.

The fake news writer came out 3 days after the news has trend everywhere to confirm that the news was fake so he is every sorry to give the public such heart breaking news.

ASAP Rocky dropped a new song and he use that opportunity to propose to our Queen Rihanna and he asked him for her hand in marriage. Fans very cr@zy about this news and they can’t wait for that day to see the Queen and the King getting married.

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