“Try de chop” “You no get nyash” – Model shows reactions she gets when walking through Lagos market as a “tall slim girl” (Video)


It’s no doubt that one particular place where one tends to be hit with body shaming the most is the marketplace and it’s almost safe to say that every market in Lagos is a center for premium body shaming.

Traders in most Lagos markets have no censor in their mouths, especially when they want to draw customers to their markets and so when a slim-figured model strolled through them, they were quick to make crude remarks about her.

The model identified as Khadijat with username @khadijat_ab on IG, decided to document the kind of reactions she receives when she goes into a Lagos market and the traders did not disappoint in helping her with her social experiment.

Just as she walked past them, comments like “try de chop“, “you no get nyash“, “my Chinese girl” were thrown at her effortlessly.

Watch her video as you scroll,

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