Tell Me Why Portable Will Not Be Bigger Than Wizkid In The Next 2 Years To Come – Actor Iké Question Criticizes.


Portable was interviewed and was ask a few questions about his life and how he sees it in the next 2 years to come and he is he planning to reach at the top there and he gave a very beautiful answer but later one fans and followers of the artist he said he wants to be bigger then came dragging him under the comments section.

He said his target is to be bigger the our own Afrobeat giant musician Wizkid and he can see it coming soon ahead of him in the next 2 years of his generation.

After giving this beautiful answer fans of Wizkid came to the comments section to drag Portable that even in his 10 years to come he can never make it up to Wizkid he should rather go and choose another person cause some big artist are also targeting Wizkid but they are not getting there so he should relax.

Today Nollywood actor IKÉ posted a video of post giving a very massive performance at a certain show in Dubai and he throw a question to who’s saying that Portable can never rich Wizkid. HE SAID; Tell me why Portable will not be bigger than Wizkid in the next 2 years to come ? Just tell me why. This was the question he asked.

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