South African man proposes to his girlfriend at her father’s funeral (video)


A South African man has caused quite a stir online after proposing to his girlfriend at her father’s funeral.

The woman who was sitting on the front row, just inches away from her father’s casket received an unexpected surprise from her man after he went on both knees to ask her to marry him.

In a video trending on Tiktok, the man is seen kneeling down with a ring in his hands and giving a speech to his woman in the presence of her family and other mourners.

While he was yet speaking, the young woman broke down in tears, however it’s unclear if she was crying because of the proposal or because of her father’s death.

South African man proposes

She eventually accepted his proposal, although not in plain words, and brought out her hands for him to wear the engagement ring.

The video which is currently doing numbers on Tiktok, was captioned, “Proposing to the deceased’s daughter right at the funeral. Wiping the tears there and there.”

Watch the proposal video below,

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