Na Pool Party: Wild Monkeys Take Over Home in Lagos, Swim Inside Storage Tank, Stunning Video Excites People


An interesting video has shown the moment a group of monkeys descended on a home in Lagos state, taking over water storage tanks The monkeys were seen jumping in and out of the water in the tanks, behaving as if they were having a pool party A closer look at the behaviour of the monkeys showed clearly that they were enjoying their adventure and didn't plan to leave soon 

A group of monkeys took over a portion of a house in Olowora, Isheiri Ojodu, Lagos and turned it into a party venue. A video captured the animals swimming merrily in water stored in tanks in the compound. The monkeys having a good time. 

The monkeys enjoyed themselves From the obvious look of things, the monkeys reveled in their adventure and probably were not ready to leave soon. 

They jumped in the filled tanks, dip themselves and then emerge again at the top, showing incredible swimming skills. A resident who sent the video said: "We need the attention of the government at Olowora, Isheri, Ojodu, Lagos. Monkeys are invading our houses. We need help." As at the time of writing this report, it is not known if the monkeys have been chased away or if they are still there having a field day. 

Watch the video below: 

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