Money Is Turning You Into Something Else – Fans Drag Portable As He Spray Some Cash On His Bed. (Video)


Nigeria first rasing star Portable popularly known as Zazuu Zeh due his popular song Zazuu Zeh so he was name by fan by his song and this means a lot to him cause he been the fastest rising star artist in Nigeria for 2021 and 2022 no new fast rising star has not show up yet.

Portable made some few tour around the world he went to some few places like Turkey, London and Pairs and many people love to see him in all the countries he visited he was dash a lot of money from big men and his event and shows also pay him a lot cause money people love to see Zazuu Portable.

After achieving all this money his said his dream car is G Wagon worth of over N200 million which is lastest in market now. Portable is always loved by his fans but something he goes to far from human liking and many people talk about that a lot.

In a new video he just posted now no his Instagram account he was spotted spraying money on his bed and fans seems not be happy about that one cause we know Many people like Dangote Davido Wizkid and so many more that have money then him but they are not showing them off like that but Portable seems to take this his small gifts from people too far and fan are advising him to put a stop to that before it affects his career.

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