Moment Nigerian lady proposed to her man in a crowded shopping mall and got a “yes” (WATCH)


A Nigerian lady took a handful of Nigerians by surprise after she reversed social construct and went on her knees to propose to her man inside a crowded shopping mall.

The lady, who is a self acclaimed actress identified as Simply Erhun on Instagram, shared a video showing her with a bent knee as she awaited her man to come to her — the young man eventually did get to her and thereafter, she proposed to him and he accepted her ring.

She shared the video on her Instagram page with the caption,

YES I did it and I got a big YES!!!

From this day forward, I shall not walk alone. His heart wil be my shelter and his arms will be my home.@westbenzinc

I proposed and He said YES!!!
Road to Mrs!!!”

Watch the video as you scroll,

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