Make You Join Davido At The Gym Center Oo Cause Now Your Six Packs Are Gone – Fans Drag Wizkid As He Show Off His Belly In A New Post.


Davido and Wizkid are one kind Celebrities that behave in different ways but something do things in common and according to them there is peace and unity between them cause they don’t have any fighting terms Among them.

We all know Wizkid is a smallish person whiles the 02 Arena historical maker Davido is also a fat type of person but Davido came to discover that his body is really distributing him from doing many things like for example taking off his shirt doing some of his shows he is not able to do that just because of his body.

So around December of last year he jumped into the gym center and begin his body fitness exercise he did it continuously about 4 to 5 months then he shared a before and after pictures of him and fans praise him that he has really done well cause is not easy to reduce over 60k weight within 4 months so should keep on keeping it’s will be done soon.

Yesterday Wizkid steeps on in Washington DC to performance at the Broccoli festival with some other great artist we even saw a link up of him with American female rapper Rubi Rose which also got fans talking about not long before we came to discover that Tem’s always came along with big Wiz.

Wizkid decided to take some few pictures with his expensive dripping so she show off his belly in his new post and fans begin to drag him the comments section that his six packs are now gone so he should better go and join Davido at the gym center so that he can regain his six packs again.

Big Wiz belly 🤣🤣

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