Laide Bakare Spends Millions On Two High-End Cars Just Weeks After Buying Her Fifth Home For N100 Million.


Laide Bakare, a Nollywood actress, has spent millions on two expensive cars.

The Yoruba actress shared the good news on her Instagram page, thanking her creator for the benefits.

The actress stated that there comes a period in a woman’s life when she decides to spoil herself with lavish items.

Laide explained that she bought the cars as a way of compensating herself for her years of hard work.

“There comes a moment in every girl’s life when she decides to lavishly pamper herself to recompense for years of hard work and sweat, having saved for years to purchase more luxurious mansions and vehicles,” she wrote. Slowly but steadily, I arrived where I am now. Just a few weeks after the grand inauguration of my new home… Allah, I offer you all the glory. NB: Please notice that this is not intended to be a brag, but rather to demonstrate other women that it is possible to be successful without relying on others. I’d want to extend my heartfelt congrats to you. Everything na double double, Alhaja Shakirat Olaide Bakare. I purposefully chose these two colours to complement my new house painting.”

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