I Don’t Look Up To Anyone In The Skit Industry But Rather Look Up To Some Nollywood Actors Like Mr. Ibu And The Rest – Sabinus Reveals. (Video)


Both the skit and the Nollywood industry now has almost turn into one thing but is just like in the skit writing it’s short and makes people laugh but same also occurs in the Nollywood movies and even nowadays some Nollywood Actors are moving to the Skit maker.

One of the funniest Skit maker who goes by the name Sabinus has reveal where he gets his ideas from and the kind of people he look up to which gives him a lot of motivation he said to be honest non of the Skit maker are not his real model or someone he looks up to but he has his own way which are the Male Nollywood Actors.

He said Skit making started right from Nollywood movies and who’s are the original comedy that he loves and look up to those people he said some like Mr. Ibu is very funny during his time of acting in the Nollywood industry so he looks up to him as well and he added some few people to.

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