Act Like A Married Man And Stop Sleeping With Everything On Your Skirt,” Says Actress Ifunanya Igwe Of Her Colleague, Onny Michael.


Ifunanya Igwe, a Nollywood actress, has turned to social media to attack her married colleague, Onny Michael.

She gave him a harsh warning and advised him to stay out of her lane to prevent complications. She claims that the actor is a snitch, is judgmental, and gossips about his female coworkers behind their backs

The actor stated that he tried to embarrass her at a recent event that they both attended, but his tactics backfired on him.

She further accused him of sleeping with different women despite being married and advised him to have a clean slate before going about judging other people.

Ifunanya, who said she doesn’t want to go into details of what transpired between them out of respect for some people in the industry, called out the actor and wrote,

“You should consider acting like a married man and stop going around the whole place sleeping with everything on skirt.”

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