Update On Popular Pastor Whose S*kz Tapẽ With Lover Lẽaked Online (Video)


A popular Nigerian pastor made headlines a few days ago after his sx tape went viral on the internet. According to new information provided by people who claim to know them, the woman in the leaked sx tape is the pastor’s girlfriend, not a ‘hustler.’

A Facebook user shared a photo of Apostle Chris Omatsola, a pastor and real estate guru, and his smiling lady, Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho, just as another of their s*x tapes surfaced online.

In contrast to reports that the lady in the video is a ‘hustler,’ Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho, also known as Toks David, is a Delta state native. She is a writer with a BSc in Computer Science who is currently employed by one of the Nigerian firms.

According to reports, the pastor decided to record the videos for fun with the intention of deleting them later, not realizing that it would land him in hot water.

Apostle Chris Omatsola is the senior pastor of Zionwealth Of Life Assembly and a real estate business tycoon in Lagos’s Lekki area, while Ms. Princess Tokoni Okpe is also said to be based in the same area.

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