Video: Man Tears Up While Filming Another Man Chopping His Wife


He claimed that he and the intruder had a struggle that resulted in the ruin of his bed.

In the video, the intruder, named Okechuku Donald, sits on the bed while disguising himself and attempting to flee the camera.

While the irate man is filming the intruder and threatening to expose the footage to cops as evidence, another voice in the background, which could be his wife whom he had caught cheating, can be heard declaring that the intruder will pay for the bed’s ruin.

The footage has sparked a range of reactions, with some wondering why the man seemed to be more concerned about his damaged bed.

He also chose not to display his adulterous wife’s face, instead of concentrating the camera on his ‘enemy,” indicating that he did not want to shame her.

Check out the video below:

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