Lady regretted visiting her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day during a rough s3x marathon (Video)


New video has captured the moment two lovers(A lady and a Man ) were involved in a hot copulation on Valentine’s Day.

As observed in the video, the two lovers carried out their sexual intercourse in a very violent way that one may think it’s World War II.

The two lovers went under the duvet as the young man smashed her completely.

It appears that she couldn’t withstand the excitement/pain anymore as she screamed to the top of her voice.

The lady could be detected under her lover with her legs widely spread. Up and down went the man consistently.

Watch the video below,

See what people are talking about the video below;

@Vincent: You guys don’t know that this is the best way, I mean that shout from out from her mouth means a lot in some men’s heat. And secondly, not that she is shouting for that guy to leave her. But let him still continue even harder. Don’t be surprised that if they finished this one now. She will even ask for more. Because this kinda girls love s£x real good.

@Mike – It is good that she is scre@ming. When you were eating chicken and shawarma, you didn’t know you will pay back abi? Enjoy your free ride to heaven. And if you survived it make sure you share your testimony in church. But if you follow there waka lost, I assure you of a befitting burial ceremony and also help me greet my grand father for me.

@Umenwosu: Some men are just w!cked,what joy do one derive in such intercourse where one is pained and other is enjoying?.

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