“We Will Throw You Outside Our Country” – Kenyans Descend On Portable For Sacking And Disgracing A Hookup Girl Who Wanted Him To Take Her Home


Angry and ready for action Kenyans have taken to the internet to call out Portable for disgracing a Nairobi hookup girl who wanted him to take her home yesternight.

The lead member of these agitated Kenyans is an on-air female media personality famed as Black Cinderella.

According to Black Cinderella, they will throw Portable out of their country because he has even overstayed in their motherland only to disrespect them on top.

Infuriated Black Cinderella also tagged Portable as a noisemaker who is causing noise pollution with his “Biza biza” nonsense because he says nothing sensible in his songs.

Aside from going hard on Portable, the show promoters who brought the singer to Kenya to perform were also not spared, they were also torn apart with severe insults.

She ended her sentiments Black Cindarella also pledged to financially support the hookup girl who was disgraced.

Check out the screenshots below to know more…

Meanwhile, below is the video that has turned Portable into a public enemy.

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