University lecturer caught with a female student during an alleged s3x-for-mark scandal, disgraced and forced to pay (Video)


Nigerian lecturer has been caught red-handed with a female student, identified as Judith, who reportedly set him up after he requested a sex-for-marks. He was captured naked and forced to sign a cheque of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100, 000).

According to the female student, the lecturer purposely failed her so that he will use that as an opportunity to sleep with her. The lecturer could be seen inside the student’s lodge pleading to some people to stop videotaping the moment.

The female students forced the lecturer to sign a cheque for her so that the public will not get to know what had occurred which is capable of tarnishing his image if at all he has an image to protect. The lecturer who is in this sixties could be seen almost naked hurriedly took his checkbook.

As he was about to prepare the cheque, the lady bounced on him as she tried to take off his trouser which was covering his nakedness while the man also tried to stop her. The young men at the scene who capturing the whole drama angrily commanded him to take off his hands from holding the trouser as demanded by the that the picture they want to take will look good.

The lecturer fearfully complied; he took off his hands which made his trouser pull off leaving his private part visible as the lady posed with him to be captured for proper evidence when the need arises.

Watch the video below

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