Shocking reaction as a man proposes to his girlfriend inside the church.


 man has proposed to his long term girlfriend inside the church and got a surprising reaction.

A source has that this man told their Pastor to call he and his girlfriend in front of the church.

Pastor called them infront of the church.

Dude knelt down and brought out a ring.

Immediately, the lady’s face changed!

The man kept smiling at her. Pastor too was smiling. The girls face continued to wear an angry look.

The man whilst kneeling down popped the bug question

“Will you marry me?”

The girl began to scratch her head, neck, armpit in discomfort. She then ran out of the church.

Meanwhile, both wore Asoebi. You would think they were already together in the union of marriage.

The said the man just sat on the ground in shock.

See his reaction below

After proposal

An angry social media user wrote: @Emeson –I have not seen this type of proposal before. What did I just saw?  Looks like they are already married before the proposal.  Can’t you see their ashoebi uniform? Some women are just heartless and demons. When will some men learn?

Other social media users wrote:

@george – Why not discuss marriage and see what the other thinks before these public pressurising acts?

@Esther – But why will I accept to twin with a man I don’t wish to marry?

You twin with a man, been dating and having se-x for ages, the entire public sees you two as couple and yet you turn down proposal.

No be juju be that

@ Sunshine – Not all women like public engagement. You should propose to your spouse based on her personality.

He deserved what he got.

@ love – What is it with people craving public engagements ? Moreover before attempting such stunt , u should have indirectly asked her view on such things and marriage privately to avoid embarrassment

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