Married Couple te@rs each other into pieces in public as wife destroys family car (Video)


married man and his wife have been captured fighting dirty in the street shamelessly.

According to the video recorded by a neighbor, the man could be seen dragging his wife around as the wife struggles to keep up with his strength. The neighbor making the video could be heard lamenting: ‘’This is what a married man is doing to his wife, his wife just broke his car wind screen, look at it there’’.

Watch the video clip below

Over 200 social media users have already reacted and commented to this incident. Below are their thoughts:

@Florence – Two SICK PEOPLE, they bought need to go to jail

@Diodun- Who is beating who here cos I don’t get it?

@Henry – Toxic relationships…..violent partners. Even animals do better

@ Gebty – How can these type of parent raise a responsible children. They are pure disgrace. I can’t believe this.

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