Jackie Appiah, Humble And Respectful, Kneels And Bows In Front Of Pete Odochie To Greet Him – [Video]


Jackie Appiah, a Ghanaian actress, paid legendary Nigerian actor Pete Edochie the highest respect when they met on set for a movie.

The actress, who exudes a distinct sense of humility, was overjoyed and humbled to meet the legendary actor and, as a result, offered him the utmost respect.

Jackie Appiah can be seen getting down on her knees to welcome Pete Edochie in the calmest of ways in a brief video that has appeared online.

Jackie Appiah was apparently informed by one of her coworkers that Pete Edochie had arrived on set, and she hastily dropped everything to see the movie legend.

After Jackie Appiah knelt to welcome Pete Edochie, the actor patted her as if she were his daughter and blessed her.

watch the video below…

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