“It works, see the glow” – Lady declares after rubbing friend’s sp3rm on her face; says she won’t have to buy expensive creams again (video)


A 26-year-old lady, identified as Kelly Zolanski, has taken to social media to share the secret of her blinding glow.

Kelly took to Tik-Tok to share a video of herself rubbing male sperm on her face, which she claimed she got from a friend, and gushed about its effectiveness.

According to her, she saw a video online about how much ‘nutrients and protein’ the seminal fluid contains and decided to try it out.

She stated that she’s single and didn’t have someone give her a supply of the fluid, so she asked a friend and he obliged.

She noted that the friend ‘deposited’ the semen in a tub for her, so she could keep it in her fridge.

She said she has only used the semen for a couple of days after mixing it in with her moisturizer and the work has left her in awe.

The video has now gone viral with more than 3.3million views on TikTok, over 299,300 likes and 11,800 comments.

“It’s a cheap, homemade alternative to expensive brand…I store it in the fridge, to keep it fresh.” She said.

Watch video below,

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