“It is pure nutrient” – Woman says as she reveals she drinks her own menstrual blood and applies it on her face (video)


Spanish woman, Jasmine Alicia Carter, has revealed that she collects, drinks and applies her own menstrual blood on her skin.

Woman says

The 30-year-old woman, who is married with a child, claims the blood is rich in nutrients and helps to boost her physical and spiritual health.

“It’s rich with protein, iron, copper, selenium which many women are so depleted of. It contains regenerative stem cells and it has antimicrobial as well as detoxifying properties.”

“Your menstrual blood is pure medicine. If you can collect your period blood, there are so many things you can do with it and ways it can benefit your health and wellbeing,” she said.

She says she also applies her fresh menstrual blood on her face as face masks, and uses it to create artworks.

Woman says

According to her, her husband approves of it and doesn’t have a problem with her walking around the house with menstrual blood on her face.

Woman says

Explaining how she collects the blood, Jasmine says she squats on the toilet, removes her menstrual cup and takes a sip.

“I’m so connected to my body that I know exactly how much blood to drink,’ she said.

Woman says

Jasmine, a Sacred Woman’s Empowerment Mentor, says she helps and coaches women ‘to understand and reclaim the inherent sacredness that lies within their entire menstrual cycle.’

‘Understanding and reclaiming my period has given me a whole new appreciation for myself and for women,’ she said.

She also encouraged women to squat down and give their period blood to the earth to connect themselves to nature.

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