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  • Daddy Freeze – ”What is your secret, you are older than me but I look older than you’’. – Nollywood Actor and Film Maker Jim Iyke finally open up, reveals some secret (Video)

    Popular media personality and a Social Media Influencer, Ifedayo Olarinde, who is well known as Daddy Freeze during an Interview with  Nigerian Actor and film maker, James Ikechukwu Esomugha popularly known as Jim Iyke  discussed about the trending story between him and his Nollywood colleague, Uche Maduagwu among other important issues.

    Jim Iyke

    During the interview  Jim Iyke made it open that  Daddy Freeze was meant to play the role  Uche Maduagwu displayed in the public stunt orchestrated to promote his movie,  but couldn’t, due to Covid 19 and other personal issues.

     “I called you first and ask if you wanted to do it. That time it was getting a little hairy to display for lack of better words. We originally planned about uproot of twenty million(N20,000,000)  in PR for the movie ‘’bad comment ’’, how that budget was done we were not receiving what we ought to get back.

    My team and I sat down and said what the next move? There is something I do of which you and I spoke about it and it’s called; Power of The Conscious Mind. When I have a problem, I sit down and analyze all what is kicking us from achieving desired result. I understand the psycho of all people, I understand the social media space and I understood the assignment, but then I needed boost to make it happen.

    When I threw it in mould, I wrote down these ideas, I featured it to my people and everybody voted against it,” James said.

    He added that he then took it up to the Parent Distribution Company and they said it is undoable and wouldn’t want to take part in it. When it looks like he is alone in the decision, he then decided to call Daddy Freeze and asked if he can be part of it, but he refused.

    “At this junction I am very much on my own. I asked my assistant to research who was possibly the most hated person on social media space presently and three names came up. I don’t want to mention the other name and Uche happens to be one of them. I called him and he agreed to play the role,” Jim stated.

    The film maker revealed that when he called Uche and told him that his driver is coming to pick him up, he became afraid and thought Jim want to set him up and beat him, but he assured him of his safety and they move into action.

    The actor further disclosed that the stunt is a marketing strategy for the movie ‘’Bad commend ‘’ which premiered last year.

    “Tell us what your freshness secret is. You are older than me but I look older than you. How are you this fresh?” Daddy Freeze asked and Jim told him that it is water.

    “I never allow anything worry me. When you worry about what people think of you, it begins to wail down your soul. My soul is opened and it’s beautiful,” Jim replied.

    Daddy Freeze then asked another question; “You are one of the most stylish Fashion Icon in Nigeria. What is the secret there? Because many people are looking up to be like you, how do you do it?” Freeze asked.

    Daddy Freeze

    Jim Iyke answered and said that his fashion killer lifestyle might be as a result of the people he grew up with who never miss out of fashion. His father also is a rare gem who always tells him back then how to put dresses together and come out as a best outfit. Although his late mother sometimes get frustrated with his dressing and insist on a different outfit.

    “I was given that liberty from day one to express myself and that is another thing about our children and the new generation,”

    Jim then concluded by saying that there are numerous fashion in the world, but what makes his own different is that; his fashion is a full definition of drip and he does whatever that suits him.

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