Car Mechanic in trouble as he got involved in an accident and damaged his customer’s Ferrari Enzo worth Millions of Dollars.


mechanic in Netherlands, located in northwestern Europe, had reportedly been involved in a car accident during a test drive which resulted in the Ferrari Enzo worth £2.5million being damaged.

It was gathered that after he finished repairing a car on Tuesday, January 18, he went on a test drive to be sure that the car is perfectly in order. While driving, he smashed into a pole stump in the town of Baarn, southwest of Amsterdam, and crashed the multimillion-dollar supercar beyond recognition..

“The car was traveling down the relatively straight two-lane Amsterdamsestraatweg in Baarn when it quickly accelerated, then spun into the trees on the other side of the road. The local Ferrari dealer is about two kilometers away from the scene,” an eyewitness said.

However, the mechanic survived the crash and was rushed to the hospital immediately for a check-up. The condition of the car is critical as it suffers great damage; two of the wheels were ribbed off, the airbags were shattered, the car doors were also affected along with many other parts.

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