Beautiful Bridal’s Maids Crashes Wedding Reception with Their Unbelievable Dancing Moves (Video)


ixed reactions as some group of ladies who seems to be bridal’s maid danced heavily during a wedding reception.  

In a video shared online, the ladies scattered the dance floor with their various dancing skills. A lady with long hair started showing different hands swing as she moves her legs from one place to another in an attempt to recreate a popular dance called “Poco Dance”.

At some point, the dance became hotter as the other ladies added more energy to their dancing steps which made it looks like a dancing competition.

With the attention of everybody on them, they danced as much as their strength could carry. Chanting and screaming could be heard from the background as people applauded them for entertaining and making their day.

Watch the video below,

Mixed reactions from Facebook users are shown below,

@Peter: I pity the men who will marry these ladies. This is shameful and a disgrace to womanhood.

@Sarah: Wow, this is entertaining. You guys really steal the show. I wish I was there I would have shown my skills.

@Rebecca: What do we call this? I wonder what this world is turning to. This generation will not stop doing wonders.

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