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  • Rihanna: Man Makes Sculpture of Singer in Video, fans Disagree and say It Doesn’t Look Like Her

    A Nigerian artist, Ajenifuja Adetokunbo, made an attempt to sculpt Rihanna and the result got people's criticism Some said what he did is way different from the American pop artist as others argued that it looks like an older Rihanna In defence of his work, Ajenifuja said that the final outcome of the sculpture which is not in the video looks exactly like her


     A video of a Nigerian artist, Ajenifuja Adetokunbo, sculpting what he said is American pop star, Rihanna, has stirred reactions. In the video, the man worked on the head profile of the American star as he chipped away at every crevice to achieve the resemblance he wanted. 

    People said the work does not bear any resemblance to Rihanna. Photo source: @ajenifujaadetokunbo Source: UGC The final outcome is finer When the clip was reshared by Tunde Ednut on Instagram, people had many things to say. They stated that the sculpture does not in any way come close to the celebrity.


    Ajenifuja was quick to defend his work from public ridicule, saying that the video does not show the finished outcome of the sculpture. Watch the video below:


    At the time of writing this report, the video has stirred over 2,000 comments with more than 200,000 views. Below are some of the reactions: becca.ville said: "This one na queen Idia of Benin city o no be Rihanna." queenmunah said: "Not our Rihanna oooo." derrick_nnaji said: "Which kind nose and face he give Rihanna so? If Rihanna see am na arrest oo." ngolivia2012 said: "Yoruba Rihanna wow." iamcoldpeace said: "The guy try sha but na Rihanot be this." lovelychinwe said: "This one na 100years Rihanna." bmjoe001 said: "Na aunty rashidat."

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