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  • “None of you or your children will survive in Biafra Land’’. – Criminals behind the atrocities being perpetrated in Igbo land threatened in a new video (Video)

  •  great shock and tension arose in Nkwerri-Udah Commnity in Orsu ihiteukwa Village in Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State where two Monarchs and others were kept after being kidnapped from their respective residence on Saturday.

    It was gathered from a Source that the Armed Kidnappers came in with multiple vehicles, invade the land and ran away with the Traditional rulers and others.

    The Kidnappers released a video clip of them, tormenting the two Traditional Rulers, one of them could be seen lying on the ground with mud all over his body, while the other was seen sitting on the ground.

    The video clearly shows where the criminals where heard saying: Should be kill this one? Do you know that you will definitely die? I hope you are aware? Your bigman is just for nothing. You are among right? Where is your name in Biafra? So since 2013 you are aware of Biafra?  “do you hear what I said, you will die now, I will scatter your leg. He is pretending to be dead. He is not even saying anything, open your mouth now and I will shoot you. (He pointed the gun right inside his mouth) and said: ‘’ Now repeat after me, I will die now”. He started making mockery and threatening them that he will kill them. “Look at what you have caused for yourself, the both of you will face the judgment, none of your blood or children will survive in Biafra Land, I will make sure I clear your entire generation“, the Kidnappers said.

    The victims were maltreated, and the video recorded was done in such a way that the Kidnappers voices were identifiable.

    Following this Incident, Security Agency moved to prompt action and succeeded in the release of some victims and some of the criminals arrested, while some are still on the run.

    As seen in the video, a girl who was rescued by the joint security forces of the Nigerian Police, Army, the Air Force, Department of State Service (DSS) and other law enforcement agencies narrated her misery in the hands of the Kidnappers. According to her, she recalled and said:

    “They arrested us since Wednesday and put us inside a room, we are five girls, we were sexually and physically harassed that night, they naked us, video us and do all manner of things to us. In the morning, we thought they are going to release us but since that time we have been there. On Sunday I was supposed to go home, but they said there was lockdown. Their commander tried to rape me this morning, before he heard a gunshot and ran away’’.

    She continued: ‘’ While running, they asked me to join them, but I refused “.

    She further revealed the atrocities committed by the Kidnappers, “yesterday afternoon they killed one Army Man, this man here, they kidnapped him yesterday night, with one fair man and others. They killed some and that day we came, we saw one human head and we were warned that if we tell Federal Government about this case, that our head will be cut off”.

    According to her, a lot of Human Beings were killed and roasted in their presence, including kids and aged men and women.

    The Only Surviving Monarch who was rescued also narrated his own side of the story. According to him, “they came to our Okigwe Local Government on Saturday night and picked two of the Traditional Rulers with two other young boys. Unfortunately, one of the Traditional rulers is no more and by God Grace, I want to thank his Excellency for prompt action and also the security operators, who came timely to rescue us”.

    The DSS Director of Imo State, Wilcox Idaminabo while addressing the press on the arrests made said:  “the joint security team, comprising the Military, Police, and the DSS stormed their camp. When we got there, we noticed that the community has been deserted. They have taken over the community and camp down swaps of land for themselves… In the cause of the raid, the Security Forces were able to rescue the Eze (Iheanacho Ndukwe)”,He further revealed the evil deeds that was seen in the camp including many roasted human bodies  all over the place. ‘’ I don’t know that in this 21st century, some people are still practicing cannibalism’’ – The DSS Director of Imo State, Wilcox Idaminabo said.

     The Governor Of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma who was also present during the press briefing concluded by revealing, that this insecurities are contracted and sponsored by the enemies of Imo State, particularly the politicians who doesn’t want the progress of Imo state and Nigeria.

    Watch the full video below

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