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  • My mother kicked me out when a madman impregnated me – Young lady shares a touching story (Video)

    Wonders they say shall never cease, a Nigerian lady has shared a heart-wrenching story of survival after she allegedly got impregnated by a mad man at a young age of 9.

    The lady open up to her mother and revealed that a madman got her pregnant when she was 9-year-old, but when her mother found out who was responsible, she sent her packing.

    While she was sharing her touching life journey in a video circulating online, she revealed that she stayed under Cele bridge in Lagos state throughout the nine month period.

    However, she eventually gave birth to a baby girl and people offered to train the child but she refused to give her baby away.

    Watch the video below

    Below is what social media users are saying concerning the story:

    Elgaza – My own is, where and how did madman rape her?

    Was she walking on the road or bush track and he grabbed her?

    Didn’t she tell her mum about the incidence?

    If she did, why didn’t her mum take her to hospital, instead allowed her to be pregnant and then threw her out?

    Abeg, I get many things wey I dey reason this period, make una no dey scatter my brain wey don already scatter.

    Adejini – Why do Nigerians always have to blame or won’t believe in someone else’s stories. You can always empathize with anyone instead you just blame and make them feel worse. Imagine her reading the comment section. This must have been a very traumatic moment for her as a young her. Sure we all got our problems to face but for once sympathize and make others feel good too, not just yourself. A lot of things would sound incredible and hard to believe for most of us. But doesn’t that just proof our lives is just limited to the environment we live in or lived in.

    The more you seek, the more strange stuff you find people saying. Expand your horizon. A lot of things are stranger than you think. And not everything is not true, there will always be more to whatever the fuck you think you know.

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