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  • 10 Gorgeous Hairstyles rocked by Destiny Etiko and Luchy Donalds that You Can Copy.

    Hairstyle is a crucial part of every lady's looks. Beautiful hairstyles make ladies finer and attractive. They add extra freshness to the face, so it's important to choose correctly.

    Nollywood actresses Destiny Etiko and Luchy Donalds are beauty divas and their hair game is on-point and they always flaunt them on social media.

    One of the best tips to learn from these two actresses is how they style their hairstyle according to their face shape. Destiny Etiko has a round face, so half-parted styles fit her better while Luchy has an oval face, so center-parted hairstyles fit her more.

    It's one thing to choose a hairstyle, another thing to get one that accentuates your best facial features.

    Below are a few hairstyles you can copy from them.

    Bone Straight hair.

    This hairstyle started trending last year and I bet almost every lady owns it. The hair doesn't need any special styling, cannot be curled, and look gorgeous on Destiny and Luchy in the photo below.

    Blonde hairstyles

    The blonde hairstyle is a warm hue and gives the wearer a mature outlook.

    Long Red hairstyle.

    Women of color can also rock red hairstyles with great style and effortlessly.

    Blend hairstyles.

    These hairstyles are made of two colors. They are the freshest styles you will see this year.

    Parking gel hairstyles.

    They are a classic option for most women. These styles highlight the facial features while enhancing their natural beauty. There are different types of gel hairstyles; afro packing gel, crotchet parking gel, braid packing gel, ponytail parking gel amongst others.

    Luchy and Destiny rocked a ponytail gel hairstyle while Luchy accessorized her ponytail with gold hair bangles. You can accessorize yours with the same or hairpins.


    They are the most well-known protective and low-maintenance hairstyle. Simple yet stylish and good for women of all ages.

    Destiny and Luchy looked on cornrows.

    Curly hairstyle.

    They are very versatile and fit perfectly.

    Lob hairstyles.

    These are long bob styles. They are cool and chic.

    Photo courtesy of Instagram @ destinyetikoofficial & @ luchydonalds.

    Source: Music-wap.com 

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