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  • Neil Arce rates Angel Locsin’s old modelling photos and make-up looks!

    Spending almost half of her life in the limelight, Angel Locsin sure does have a lot of photos floating around the internet. Even her pre-showbiz career photos, when she’s modelling as a side hustle has resurfaced the internet and given that trends in fashion especially make-up looks constantly evolve, it is nothing but fun to look back to these photos which was taken more than a decade ago.

    On their YouTube channel, Neil Arce sure did have a lot of fun looking back to these photos some of them he hadn’t seen. There are photos of Angel as a teenager, back when she was just starting her career as a model in various fashion shows in shopping malls sporting various products such as sneakers, jeans and more.

    Neil have some insightful comments about these photos and her one liner eyebrows did not escape his eyes. There’s also those photos that landed on the cover of notebooks back in the days and Neil’s reactions were everything that you’d expect it to be!

    Apart from some of these old photos, Neil also rated some of the recent ones from her endorsement shoots and photos taken by Angel’s glam team. According to him, photos where Angel is wearing a little to no make-up are his favorites!

    Angel Locsin sure has a lot of photos floating around online and seeing how her husband react to them especially to photos whom he hasn’t seen yet is quite hilarious!

    The way he spoke freely about his opinions and how he poked fun on some of Angel’s poses shows us a glimpse of how they are to each other; they are bestfriends!

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