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  • Chioma Rowland And Other Beautiful Nigerian Celebrities Who Studied Economics In University

    Economîcs helps a person better understand why people, businesses, and governments make the economic decisions that they do. In this article, we'll be bringing you 5 famous female celebrities who actually studied Economics in University, so without wasting time, let's get started.

    5) Toni Tones

    The Nigerian actress and photographer Gbemi Anthonia Adefuye, also known as Toni Tones, has played roles in several notable films and TV series throughout her career. The gifted actress studied marketing and economics at the University of Lancaster.

    4) Bukky Wright

    The famous Nigerian actress, Bukky Wright, has appeared in several notable films, and she rose to fame for her role in the film titled "Iyore." According to Wikipedia, Bukky Wright has a degree in Economics, which she received from the University of Lagos.

    3) Ivie Okujaye

    The Nigerian actress and producer Ivie Okujaye gained public attention after she won the Amstel Malta Box Office reality TV show. Ivie has worked with several talented actors and actresses, and she's on this list because she studied Economics at the University of Abuja.

    2) Lisa Omorodion

    The Nigerian actress and film producer Lisa Omorodion, gained widespread recognition for her role in the film titled "First Cut." The beautiful actress is very good at interpreting roles in movies, and a lot of fans may not know that she studied Economics at the University of Lagos.

    1) Chioma Rowland

    The Nigerian chef and social media personality, Chîoma Rowland, also known as Chef Chi, gained recognition after appearing in Davido's music video "Assurance," and she's on this list because she studied Economics at Babcock University.

    Image Source: Every îmage in this article was gotten from Instagram.

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