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  • Young Lady Selling Rice to Young Men Dips Her Hands Into Food Before Serving Customers, Video Causes Stir

    • A short video showing a woman selling rice for some men has generated reactions among social media users
    • In the clip, the lady dipped her hand into a customer's plate to taste the food before giving it to him
    • Many Instagram users who reacted to the video said that perhaps she had a taste so they will not say her food kill someone

    The video of a rice seller and the manner with which she was serving her customers has stirred reactions on social media.

    In a clip shared by Tunde Ednut on Instagram, a lady serving rice with customers queuing behind her ate of the plate she was going to serve someone.

    Many people reacted to the video.

    The rice seller served the food with some attitude. Photo source: @mufasatundeednut

    With a masterly delivery, the lady scooped food with her hand into the plate before tasting out of it. In one breath, she handed the food to a customer.

    Many people who reacted to the video have found the video both a show of unhygienic practice and funny.

    Watch the video below:

    As at the time of writing this report, the video has been watched more than 200,000 times with over 2,000 comments.

    Below are some of the reactions:

    iamsexysteel said:

    "Before dem say na mama basira rice him chop before him die."

    thescarletgomez said:

    "So dem no go say poison Dey am."

    laughpillscomedy said:

    "E be like poison Dae rampant for area, so she Dae test am."

    peckkycutie said:

    "See d way she do her face."

    omalishan said:

    "The way that guy take open mouth."

    shop_with_choicecloset said:

    "Never will I accept that rice, for wat??? See how she dip hand pack from d rice shook inside mouth,I go just walk away."

    itzspn said:

    "I won't collect it I swear."

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