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  • Why People Need To Stop Criticizing Davido For Hanging Out With Angel

    Angels Smith who is one of the most talked about BBN housemates has a been going for several events of late, and she has also met with several prominent individuals. The reality TV star posted a video of herself with popular Nigerian artiste Davido, and it appears that a lot of people got offended by it.

    Some of them called out Davido's management to watch how they make him accessible to people. Some of them also said Davido's closeness to Angel isn't good for his brand. In my opinion I feel people need to stop criticizing Angel for hanging out with Davido.

    In my opinion I don't see anything wrong with Davido hanging out with Angel Smith. There have been other BBN housemates who have met with other celebrities and I don't think Angel should be any different. White Money has met with Slim Case, Khaffi, Obi Cubana, and this shows that these BBN housemates are just trying to be sociable with other celebrities. Angel's case isn't any different.

    She is probably a fan of Davido who made a request to meet with him. Davido on the other hand is known to be a friendly artiste who has helped a lot of People promote their careers over the years. He is also a down to earth man who doesn't discriminate people. I think he needs to be commended for actually meeting up with Angel and not criticized. Everyone has their opinions when it comes to the BBN housemates, and if Davido feels like meeting up with one of the housemates then I think it's his choice


    Those who say his meeting with Angel is bad for his brand haven't given a reason why Davido's closeness with Angel would affect him.

    What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.

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