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  • Okada Rider Who Returned GHc300K He Found on the Road to Meet President

    • An 18-year-old Okada rider from Lierais has been termed a hero after returning GHc300K he found on the road
    • The money Emmanuel Tolue found belonged to a businesswoman, who gifted him GHc9,000
    • Tolue is set to meet the president but disclosed that he received threats for his kind act

    A young Okada rider has been labelled a hero after returning an eye-watering amount of money he found on the road on Tuesday, October 12.

    Emmanuel Tolue was termed a hero for returning the money he found.

    Emmanuel Tolue returned GHc300K belonging to a businesswoman. The bodaboda rider found the money on the road. Photo: Anthony Duo for AP.

    The teenager from northeastern Liberia near the Ivory Coast border is set to meet the country’s president after returning GHc300K belonging to a businesswoman.

    The Associated Press reported Emmanuel Tolue found the money wrapped in a plastic bag on the highway.

    Meeting president

    The 18-year-old Okada rider who dropped out of school told the publication that he would speak to the president about his education.

    Tolue had to discontinue his education and join the bodaboda business to support his family.“I’m set to go see the president and when I meet him I will talk to him about my education. I will tell him I want back to go back to school,” he said.

    Finding the millions

    After finding the money, Tolue described feeling fearful, and he took it to his aunt for safekeeping, hoping the owner would come forward.

    When the rightful owner, Musu Yancy, appealed for anyone who had seen the cash to return it via radio, Tolue obliged, and local officials returned the money.

    The grateful businesswoman rewarded the bodaboda rider with GHc9,000 among other gifts, for his honesty.


    Despite his commendable actions, Tolue said he had received threats for returning the money. The teen also disclosed that his friends shun him, saying he would never be rich.

    “Since my decision, when I have a breakdown on the highway and some of my rider friends see me, they don’t help. They say I acted stupid to find and return money,” he said


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