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  • Video of man Posing with Goats on a tree Raises many Eyebrows on Social Media

    •  A video has been boggling the minds of many netizens as it showed goats living on a tree
    •  Music-wap.com has gathered some of the most interesting reactions that have been shared
    •  One comment explained that this is possible because the goats have a special adaptation for that

    Social media users are finding it difficult to wrap their heads around a video that was taken by a man showing goats standing comfortably on the branches of a tree.

    Although the social media influencer and popular singer, Ric Hassani, who saw the goats indicated that he was not sure how they got on top of the tree, he was seen beaming with brilliant smiles.

    Man takes picture with goats on a tree

    Collage showing goats on a tree and a man posing with them Photo credit: @RicHassani

    What social media users are saying

    Tweeps could not stop sharing their thoughts on how it's possible for goats to climb a tree.

    There is an Igbo proverb that says that when you see a chicken suddenly start running and no one is chasing it, the ground is chasing it because the chicken farted. No smoke without fire.
    @realbeluchii indicated:

    @ifi_david mentioned:

    Look, they even posed for the camera. Out of curiosity, try speaking to them and see if they speak back.

    @epiphanyfarmltd commented:

    The Goats are sitting on an "Argan" tree and They're looking for "argan" fruits.. this tree provides one of the most precious and valuable export for "Morocco". "Argan oil"... you're having fun in Morocco, Ric.Goat

    @DanielRegha stated:

    The above goats are from Morocco & those are argan trees which produces nuts so the goats climb trees with their hoofed legs to eat the nuts. Goats are have natural tree & cliff climbing skills; Their hooves helps 'em grip tightly while their shape helps maintain balance.

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