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  • Opinion: Salle Has The Right To Dress Anyway She Wants And Should Not Be Criticized

  • The 17 year old singer, Salle that was a hawker a week before has gone viral. Thanks to the video that was recorded of her singing, The video was recorded by Mr and Mrs Ejiofor on her way to the market. Some celebrities reached out to her and helped her, she was flown to Lagos and she is now working on recording songs, because she has written alot of songs.

    Different Nigerian and foreign record label owners are trying their best to sign her under their label. A CNN presenter, Christiane Amanpour is also trying to invite her for an interview on her show.

    Her prayers may have been answered, many people are happy for her and she also promised to make those that believe in her proud.

    In the recent pictures Salle posted, some people were saying that the clothe she wore for the photoshoot revealed her body, while some people were fully in support of her new look.

    One thing people fail to understand is that she has the right to dress any way she wants, as she is an adult and this may be what she has always wanted. All you can do is pray for her to make the right decisions.

    She is entitled to celebrate her new status and success, but many of her fans are now divided over her new dressing. Some were happy and some are not with her dressing in the photoshoot. When the new pictures were posted on her social media accounts, people who supported her dressing and those that did not began to fight in the comment section.

    Some people also commented that she may have started allowing the material things of life to get to her and she is just 17 years old. Right now, everything thing is going well for her and all her fans should come together and be happy for her.

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