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  • I Birthed him at 10 Months and Became Bedridden for 3 Months; Mum who Gave Birth to 'Giant' Son Shares Secrets

    • Charles Sogli's mother, Comfort Agbafufu, revealed that she gave birth to her incredibly tall son at 10 months
    • Comfort Agbafufu disclosed that carrying Charles Sogli for 10 months was challenging, as she became bedridden after delivery at home
    • Charles Sogli is the tallest man in the Volta Regional capital, Ho, with a known record of being 7 feet 10 inches tall

    Comfort Agbafufu, the mother of Charles Sogli, the tallest man in the Volta Region of Ghana, has shared how she endured a turbulent 10-month pregnancy.

    According to Agbafufu, she experienced challenges during the pregnancy, with intermittent waist pain, starting soon after she gave birth to the now-giant.

    I Birthed him at 10 Months and Became Bedridden for 3 Months - Mom of the Tallest man in Volta Speaks

    I Birthed him at 10 Months and Became Bedridden for 3 Months - Mom of the Tallest man in Volta Speaks Image: GNASpeaking with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Charles Sogli's mother disclosed that carrying her son for 10 months was the most challenging for her, GBC Ghana Online reports.

    Troubling pregnancy and a near-death delivery

    ''... His pregnancy was troubling. I suffered a lot until the time was due. I birthed him at ten months ... In those days, hospitals were not common in our area so he was born at home. His head was forced out with hands and I see it as a miracle,'' she said.

    Following the birth of her son, Comfort Agbafufu recalls becoming bedridden for three months, as she nearly got paralysed due to the life-threatening delivery process, she told GNA.

    ''He was huge, very huge. He was long. His fingers were thick and so when people came to see him, they expressed amazement at my ability to deliver him at home. People were scared."

    ''It was not easy carrying him as a baby. We had to use two cloths to strap him at the back,'' she recalled.

    Agbafufu said though Charles was born with neither a disability nor medical condition, he took his first steps when he was about a year and a half old. [He was physically strong and ate a lot.]

    Charles' father, Francis Agbafufu, described him as a ''miracle child'' with a positive attitude to work and life. He said Charles started sprouting at age three and was the only one in the family of seven with the special features.

    The blessing and 'curse' of being a giant

    Charles Sogli is generally seen in his hometown, Ziope, a farming community in the Agotime-Ziope District in Ghana, as a ‘special’ child.

    At 7 feet 10 inches tall, and with a foot size of about 16 inches, Charles dropped out of school early for lack of shoes of his size, and had taken up an apprenticeship in Ho city in the Volta Regional as a metal fabricator.

    Now, the real challenge, for him, is the difficulty in boarding vehicles due to his height, as he strides along the streets of Ho to and from his place of apprenticeship.

    Sogli will complete his apprenticeship next year and is hopeful of establishing a modern metal fabrication shop.

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