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  • 47 villas, 53 buildings, 18 luxury Cars, 7 hotels, 16 poultry farms – Check out the full list of properties seized from Guinea’s Minister of Defense, Dr Mohamed Diané

    Earlier today we reported that Colonel Mamady Doumbouya has tracked down and arrested Dr Mohamed Diané, Minister of Defense in Guinea under president Alpha Conde.

    A report which surfaced after his arrest revealed that Dr Mohamed Diané had eloped with state funds to one of his many villas after the coup d’état in Guinea.

    Doumbouya and his military Juntas reportedly tracked him down and arrested him pending judgement in court.

    According to the reports, Dr Mohamed Diané will face the court and answer some questions in relation to state funds and the source of his wealth.

    The report also carried a tall list of properties seized from the minister of defence which is believed to have been bought with monies stolen from government.

    Here is the full list of properties owned by Guinea’s Minister of Defense, Dr Mohamed Diané which was seized by Mamady Doumbouya.

    1. $60 million (600 billion Guinean francs) cash hidden in the cellar of his home.

    2. 75.8 kg of 22-karat gold worth nearly 40 billion Guinean francs.

    3. 17 2-carat diamonds worth nearly 10 billion Guinean francs.

    4. 47 villas between the Camayenne district and Kagbélén.

    5. 53 buildings: including 35 in Conakry, 4 in Kindia, 7 in Kankan, 3 in Labé, 4 in N’Zérékoré.

    6. 18 brand new luxury cars.

    7. 75 bare plots in Conakry.

    8. 200 hectares in Dubréka.

    9. 1500 hectares in Forécariah.

    10. 2000 hectares in Kankan.

    11. 7 hotels.

    12. 25 bread ovens.

    13. 7 bottled water production plants.

    14. 16 poultry farms with more than 2 million chicks in total.

    The total of all these properties according to reports is over $1.2 billion.

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