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  • Photos: 15 no Makeup Beautiful Pictures of Nigerian Movie Star Regina Daniels.

  • Nigerian Movie Industry popular actress Regina Daniels is one of the pretty and naturally beautiful looking actresses in Nigeria, especially when she doesn't apply any makeup.

    Regina Daniels has made a beautiful name for herself in the Nigerian entertainment industry due to her unmatched talent and natural beauty. Her acting skills combined with her beautiful looks makes her one of the most highly looked out for in the movie industry.

    In present times, the screen goddess has been all over the news when news went viral over social media and other news media outlets about her being heavily pregnant, and about to put to bed.

    Regina Daniels is without doubt intelligent, beautiful, smart, gorgeous and very enterprising. She has solely worked her way to the top where she has taken control with no sign of fear or unwillingness to be seen always on the trending issues of the movie industry. These however, makes her stand out amongst her fellow actresses. Below, are 15 stunning photos of her that shows how beautiful she is naturally, without the help of a make up..

    1.) Looks official and gorgeous as usual.

    2.) Pretty with any type of hair as expected.

    3.) No makeup no problem

    4.) Early days of little beginning, still looks cute


    5.) Looks shy without the makeup here.

    6.) Stunning beauty.

    7.) Simple selfie, still shinning.
    8.) No make up.
    9.) Outing without bothering to apply any makeup, but still has the best look.
    10.) Casual time showing off her car.
    11.) Pretty as you like
    12.) Early morning selfie without makeup and she still have some great looks.
    13.) Showing off the peace sign.
    14.) Just the hairs no makeup.
    15.) The peace of mind you have when you know you look good without the makeup.
    Now you have seen these stunning pictures of Regina Daniels without makeup, what is your opinion about her looks.

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