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  • Thank You, Fans Hail Eedris Abdulkareem for Addressing Social Issues in New Version of Jaga Jaga Music Video

    - Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem has announced the release of a new music video for his Jaga Jaga song

    - The reloaded version features Madarocka Chi and rapper Nigga Raw

    - Nigerians on social media have commended the music star for using his platform to address social issues

    Veteran Nigerian rap star, Eedris Abdulkareem, in a recent Instagram post announced the release of a new version of his socially conscious hit single, Jaga Jaga.

    The rapper had disclosed that a brand new music video for the 2004 hit song will be released on Tuesday, April 20.

    Thank You, Fans Hail Eedris Abdulkareem for Addressing Social Issues in New Version of Jaga Jaga Music Video

    Eedris Abdulkareem releases new version of Jaga Jaga video. Photo: @eedrisabdulkareem

    According to a press statement shared on his Instagram page, the new video is an attempt by the rapper to address issues that he had previously sang about 20 years ago when the first version was released.

    The statement read in part:

    "Jaga Jaga Reloaded" is vintage Eedris Abdulkareem, still painfully bemoaning the fact that his beloved country is still in a state of "Jaga Jaga" almost 20 years after the release of the original version that exposed the depth of corruption, lies and deceit in our system, while calling out the vagabonds in power to account for their litany of misdeeds."

     The new video features Madarocka Chi and rapper Nigga Raw.

    Check out the post as shared by Eedris below:

    Fans and colleagues have also hailed the musician for still speaking up about issues facing the country with his music.

    Read comments below:

    yuledochie said:

    "Thank you for all you do Boss. 20yrs after, the country is even worse now. History will never forget you. Thank you for standing for the truth always. True change will come soon. Great song."

    madarockachi said:

    "Thank youuu! I’m so grateful to be a part of this major movement! It’s more than just a song to me ohh!"

    olayemifaremi said:

    "Idris abdul kareem, you are the real africa giant ,we need to do get to together party for this song to show love to the falling souls."

    xmansion040 said:

    "The only musician that speak the truth in naija....much respect boss."

    modenine_polimaf said:

    "This message is heavy."

    According to Eedris, those living in the country should be applauded.

    The rapper said:

    "When you see a Nigerian living in Nigeria, give him/her some accolades. It’s a miracle to live here."


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