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  • Drama as lady exposes friend who stole her birthday cake and drinks, shares video proof

    - A lady identified on Twitter as @giivensibekwe has called out a friend over theft

    - According to her post, the said friend identified as @Alleberryy stole her birthday cake and drinks

    - @giivensibekwe shared CCTV footage as proof in which two ladies are seen leaving the birthday with a cake and some drinks

    Currently causing a buzz on social media is the gist about a stolen birthday cake and how the culprit was caught via CCTV footage.

    Twitter user, @giivensibekwe, clocked a year older on April 3, 2021, and threw a birthday party in which she invited her friends to celebrate with her.

    Lady calls out friend who stole her birthday cake and drinks, shares CCTV footage

    The lady celebrated her birthday on April 3. Photo credit: @giivensibekwe, @Alleberryy

    However, @giivensibekwe who had stepped out around 5 am the following morning to do a delivery, returned by 11 am to discover her cake and some drinks - which were gifted to her - missing.

    She called her friend, Reni who is also known as @Alleberryy on Twitter, and asked about the missing items., Reni, however, denied knowing about their whereabouts.

    Givensibekwe who at this point accused the apartment staff of stealing from her was then shown the CCTV footage which captured the moment Reni and a friend of hers were seen exiting the apartment with the said cake and drinks.

    Lady calls out friend who stole her birthday cake and drinks, shares CCTV footage

    Giivens has accused her friend, Reni, of stealing her birthday cake, Photo credit: @giivensibekwe, @Alleberryy

    Although @giivensibekwe has turned her page to a private one therefore making the post inaccessible to others, the post has since gone viral on social media.

    Below is the post as compiled by @thecommentsection. Swipe to watch CCTV footage:

    Below are some reactions from Twitter:


    "That babe dey steal birthday cake, her mates dey tiff money. Worried about the wrong dough."



    "How you go steal person birthday cake and wine? You get plan to do your own birthday the next day?"


    "How evil can you be to steal someone’s birthday cake."


    "Hunger doesn’t make you steal an entire birthday cake and liquor. Idk what that is, but it’s definitely not hunger."


    "Some people have mind o. How do you steal someone birthday cake? Like, you didn't cut a slice. You stole the whole thing. Ha!!"


    "Why will you steal someone's birthday cake and liquor? You want to use it for your birthday ni or you're a wicked broke witch? This gender does the most though."


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